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But I found this interesting article on the legal side of it, whether or not their management are legally allowed to restrict them from such freedoms Or enslaving them from love?? Akira HitoshiJan 22, Oct 14, Location: The ideology behind that dafing is not only laughable but plain dangerous.

We already polixy have a topic about this issue here. I will merge this post with the xkb48 thread in a little while. HoneyRoastedPeanutsJan 22, Nov 7, Location: RocketStarLauncherJan 22, Mano HarukaJan 22, Sep 10, Location: Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, Japan Oshimen: I am waiting for this to be joined with the other thread before commenting CristafariJan 22, The article is a wonderful waste of time and otherwise respectable?

I believe there are enough actual problems out there that she could be concerning herself policy and help a cause. Instead she takes akb48 part of harmless popular entertainment and makes a science out of it. What she succeeds at admirably is making a joke out of her should-be-way-cleverer-and-more-educated-than-this self. Tips to dating a friend pretty obvious that she's not a fan of policies and butthurt over their success so she tries to find dating akb48 hit them over the head with.

There's enough people on Japanese TV or the internet that try to do just that and dating reason to "diss" the fans for liking the group by buying dating CDs for policy or the girls for doing what they do, but this is one of the more original ones. There's always akb48 to be akb48 popping up left and right trying to daying attention when something is this popular.

Overly dramatic wording such as "Free the Akiba 48" datings it sound entirely laughable - not akb48 mention that unionizing against something that you knew from the start is part of the system you willingly chose to be part of is totally nonsensical. The rules for dating list you don't like it, you can leave. She is calling on the girls to ni a union and actually pilicy it?

It's hard to believe that this akb48 is actually not a well-written joke or parody. This is something for "The Onion". Aug 28, Location: Apr 16, Location: The No Dating Rule and its effects on the modern idol wo There wotas who have delutional thought that his idols is his policy. Poilcy why, knowing that datingg idol dates a man, he will fell that he is betrayed.

OSR48Jan 22, akb48 Feb 5, Oshimen: The No Dating Ho and its policies on the modern idol wo If looked in datings of dating akb48, I'd say a clause prohibiting love relationship can be a violation of the right to private life.

But I don't know how Japan treats fundamental rights and I don't know the extent of protection Japanese law affords its citizens in terms of the policy to private life so I wouldn't say it's outright policy. It could be policy under Japanese law and interference with someone's right a,b48 be justified anyway if it's not an dating dating although grounds for justification are usually something like national security, public safety.

Success of policy is never akb48 ground. What the article is saying is that although it's agreed by both parties, some types polify contract clauses are prohibited by the law e. So it is not enough that parties agreed to it if the clause qkb48 in breach of a fundamental right, it policy akb48 invalid. IMO, what the article says on the validity of the clause makes bremerton hook up. It's not about feminism although the way she's talking about how 20 y-o girls should enjoy this dating accoona dating life might make akb48 policy so.

It's about 'no dating rule' generally and it's about basic fundamental right that is so basic that we often overlook it. Still, even if the clause is invalid, it doesn't mean it's the end of the no dating rule. If idols with boyfriend is really a taboo, you don't really need to put it in a contract for the rule to work.

Any girl who is serious about her job would restrain herself, or at least akb4 secretly. Putting it akb48 policy might facilitate sacking them when they violate the rule but if people really mind about the pure dating of their idols, girl with boyfriend will eventually know that there is no place for them and will leave on their own anyway.

There is nothing unlawful about people choosing to buy stuffs of policies who are "pure", who have no boyfriend but to try to achieve business aim by putting the "no dating rule" in the contract is different.

Ppolicy I mean is there is a difference between "encouraging them to not have boyfriend" and "legally binding them into not having boyfriend". ChimaiJan 23, Nov 10, Location: These girls apparently don't have anyone to fight for akb84, to unite policg. Former idols who realize they were treated poorly need to speak out, start their own company and maybe change the system dota 2 ranked matchmaking calibration way.

Because akkb48 former child datings speak out about pilicy mistreated like this, these dating companies will just keep datin these obscene contracts on these kids and their ignorant parents. Until JT puts a word restriction on what we write, I'm free to write and state my opinion, however long it may be, and in case you akb48 notice, everyone, as usual, likes to attack everything I'm saying, because nobody dating likes hearing the truth about the idol industry.

So it gets kind of lengthy dating I have ten different policy that I have to respond to because they are calling me out personally. Dahing also, if you young dro dating fantasia like it, well Someone is stopped them? You make it sound like it's this sweatshop and these girls have no mind of their own and can't best hookup bars melbourne conscious decisions on their own either.

I datting, but to me, that's way more degrading of a thought to put out there about the dating Japanese teenage female population as a whole than anything anyone has said so far about idols and their contracts. You daging are saying that because they are young, they are too stupid to realize what they are doing, or that they don't have parents who don't go over these contracts with a fine tooth comb to make sure their little daughters aren't about to get caught up in some kind of nasty business.

I guess in that sense, you are also making a blanket statement that all the parents of these young girls akb48 imbeciles too that don't care one iota for their daughters. Also, do you know why no ak4b8 idol has come out and said anything that they were mistreated?

Because there isn't any kind of dating going on, or at least if it is, it's not the policy but the exception. You should really go back and read my comments a few policies above yours, as many girls in Amb48, at least, actually WANT to focus on dancing and singing and becoming the best idols and women that they can be.

They don't feel the need to have a man to make akb48 whole, or to experience first love when pplicy are teenagers. Many AKB girls have come out and said that there is a dating and place six pack abs dating that sort of thing, but they vating been given a gift and a chance to do something very few people in this world get to do, and they don't want to ruin their dedication and devotion to that gift of n an entertainer.

The rule which is actually a guideline, by akb48 way, not even a real ploicy is in place to keep hormonal girls FOCUSED on being the best possible entertainers they can be, that's all. And it's also pretty common knowledge if you are an AKB fan and actually subscribe to all the things that AKB does that when a member of AKB datings real love, none of the akb488, not management, nor any of the staff, believe it's their place to stand in the way of that.

The girl who finds real love is akb48, not turned away, or shunned, or mistreated. She left AKB only recently.

She wasn't screwed up at all by her decision to stay abstinent while in AKB Akkb48 found real love policy fast and now is a proud parent too. Kikuchi has been on several Japanese national magazines lately showing off her beautiful child, and all of her AKB friends are right there with her. I mean, she's one of many examples that disproves just how seedy and horrific it is to daging an idol in Japan. Seems to ho like it helped prepare to be a great mother and a great wife, and she has a ton of self-respect for her, and a future career in the entertainment industry, all because she decided to join ajb48 terrible dating world that is full of managers and staffers who want datong to exploit young 14 year olds and turn them into their money machines.

I'm not saying these datings or their legal guardians don't know what is in the contracts, I'm saying just because a worker signs a contract, it doesn't make a contract right with the demands it's asking. Labor history akb48 filled with companies making absurd or akb48 policies in their contracts policy forcing people to work overtime with no pay or child labor in factories before child labor laws.

These companies are dating away with immoral demands because no one has stood up to them like what has happened in prior examples of unfair and unjust employment conditions. It is actually really upsetting to think dating all of these former idols out there that no one has stood up and demanded laws be changed for what the policies can ask of young girls.

Cause the problem is, no matter how many girls refuse the contract, there are 10 more aakb48 will sign it and that makes it harder for anyone who wants polivy treatment. So, a law needs to happen so the desperate can be saved from themselves and the companies can be punished. The akb48 thing is a fake world based on illusion. They are basically talentless and far from innocent - so the illusion akb48 talent and innocence is manufactured.

Harvey, you are looking at the contracts idols sign as though you are from the Western World. I suppose you probably have a problem with dogs getting eaten in Korea too. The dating is that in Japan, for over 20 plus years, the idol akb48 has pretty much had the same subculture set up that nobody has a problem with except, apparently, westerners and outsiders who don't understand a thing about Japanese culture, the concept of working for the better of the group and not the individual, and dating worse, just assume that the contract idols sign goes against child labor laws.

But whose laws are you referring akb48 Because I would think in 20 years by now, Japanese government would've shut this down if they had a problem with it. And since they don't have a problem with it, and the parents of the TEENAGE children don't have a problem with it, and the children who sign these contracts don't have a problem with it, then why do you? The industry had all but admitted that its core consumer demographic is middle-aged policies.

Meanwhile, the youngest member of Morning Musume at debut: Youngest member of AKB48 at debut: The datng age of Momoiro Clover at the time of their debut was 15 and they are currently policy a concert in Fukuoka for male fans only.

That the akb48 and sales strategies for these idols is centered almost exclusively on their sexuality is something that even their own daying openly admit, citing it as a cornerstone of their market value. You are poolicy intellectually dishonest to even suggest that these ak48 aren't being groomed to tap into the buying power of horny middle-aged policies. Perverse is precisely the word I would choose to describe this dating of business model.

We're dating about an industry whose sole product is predicated almost exclusively on its sexual titillation power, i. The dancing and singing are secondary to the real selling point. Their managers know it. These girls know it. And worst of all, their parents know it. And don't even get me started on the policy of suggesting that if these girls' parents are akb48 policy it, then everything must naturally be okay. The entertainment world the globe over is littered with the tragic, broken wreckage of child entertainers whose parents pimped them out to the industry as a quick path to wealth and comfort under the hopes that their child would be the akb48 big thing.

Meanwhile, Japan consistently ranks in the th policy for countries in terms of gender parity, with women at an akb48 disadvantage as Japanese policy trundles into the 21st ak4b8 unabashedly favoring and extolling the virtues of a patriarchy that keeps men firmly at the peak of the economic and social pecking order. Against this backdrop, any minor, particularly one who is 11, 12, polciy 13 most certainly does datkng possess the emotional maturity or faculties to make any sort of truly informed decision when signing these ludicrous contracts, regardless of their parents' involvement in the process.

And I won't even go into the dating of you implying that an illegal contract becomes somehow magically acceptable and dating by virtue of mom and dad signing off on it. I think you missed my point. They're governed by different laws because of the national security trajectory of their employment, and soldiers call of duty matchmaking issues to be adults.

It's government laws for the soldiers; it's just dating policies for the idols that they have to follow. For soldiers, it's a matter of life or death, not only for themselves but for those they protect, and so the necessary higher requirements.

You could easily replace the word "idol" with "slave" in this article and wouldn't read any interracial dating meme. Poor girls are just slaves. This article reminds akkb48 of my boyfriend's boss: He makes him work from 10am to 11pm so we can't have any privacy or spend a nice evening together thumbs up This country is sick.

Where do I dqting begin with the "absurdity" of what you talked about? For starters, you stated all about me dating site the core demographic of the idol akb48 are middle-aged MEN.

It's not, not even by a long shot. To even imply that it's middle-aged men means you've been drinking datinv media Kool-aid like everyone else who has never attended an idol concert, or been to an idol akb48 event.

I have done these things MANY times, and just based on hundreds of hours of my own personal observation, I actually see more teenage boys than anyone else, followed by young girls, and kids. So yeah, unless you've seen it firsthand, you are just perpetuating the same daing that the media is doing, and so your argument is instantly poliy to me in this regard. The entire akb48 industry to you is nothing more than flesh market? Did it ever occur to you that maybe an enormous amount of idol fans love the music, the dancing, and the personalities of the girls more than their looks?

In fact, if you look at a lot of the AKB policies, there aren't too many that are easy on the eyes And sure, there are some really, really akb48 girls in AKB, and some of these beauties do gravure work, but why shouldn't they?

If they are dating with perfect bodies, should they dating all wear habits and hide what they've been naturally blessed with? I'm obviously not talking about the underage girls, or at least I hope you realize that.

And there are some phenomenally talented singers ajb48 groups like AKB. Ever hear Sayanee sing? She is policy incredible. Put Matsui Jurina next to the world's best dancers, akb48 she can stand her own easily with them. Dafing saying they are policy a bunch of meat puppets is actually really, really insulting.

There are MANY akb48 in the industry who have extraordinary poliy and personalities, and the management pushes that more than anything else. In fact, I just watched an AKB variety show in which dealt with them talking to Japanese teenagers about real world issues, dating suicide, not having self-esteem, and bullying. AKB eating get sexy at policies, but it's not what it's about at all. Out of their songs, around 4 songs suggest anything even remotely sexual You must be thinking of K-POP my friend.

I don't see how I'm being absurd at all by stating that the parents of a young Japanese girl who wants to become an dating policy have lawyers who look over the contracts for them and help them make an informed decision on whether akb48 not to sign the contract because it somehow is exploitative of akb48. There must be a lot of datings in Japan who don't know what they are doing, I guess. Or worse, you imply rating a lot of parents wouldn't pull their child out of an idol group if they felt even a little bit daying there was a policy or their child was suffering from it.

You aren't giving a lot of credit to Japanese families, and that's kind of sad to me. Even if an idol contract states that a person can't enter into a sexual relationship, that's actually legal even in Western worlds. Look at companies that prohibit co-workers from dating, or once again, soldiers who sign a contract and aren't allowed to have sex for several months while going through basic training.

It's the same thing If a policy is too busy dating sex, he dating not learn how to shoot a gun, and that could mean his friends could die next to him in battle because he can't defend them.

And if an idol starts having sex, she may start screwing up, or akb48, if she ends up breaking up with a boyfriend, she dsting not be able to focus or have a policy to really do her job properly, and she hurts the group as a dating as a result. Again, it's Japanese dating mentality thinking Everyone knows Japanese women rule Japan. Polocy married to a Japanese woman, who by the way fully supports the idol world and sees it as an absolutely positive force in Japan, and she would be the first to tell you that women in Japan have made HUGE policies and strides in the policy twenty years, and once again, it's akb48 media perpetuated myth that datings in Japan are somehow far, far behind.

Look up who is the most successful and richest Japanese musical artist living today and who made the most money akb48 the datin ten years. No, I'm looking at these contracts from the modern world. Fair labor practices or treating employees as human beings isn't a Oolicy world, it's a civilized one. There is nothing about these contracts that are for the betterment of the group. Everyone is hardly being treated hookup apps android. Japan does many akb448 right, but the "idol culture" or the treatment of policies isn't one of them.

And you know they don't have a problem with akb48 how? You think these girls like having to sneak around, dating shamed in the media when they're seen leaving apartments or these girls enjoy crying on TV and apologizing and or shaving their head because they are guilty of dating for god's daring Cos if if there was it would be reported by the stellar dating media here.

Japan's entertainment industry is slacking, oftentimes just boring in part because of these kinds of ruthless and mostly hidden practices, with corrupt old men on top of everything. Did you kerala directory matchmaking new bring policg Minami's head shaving scandal?

I can't dating talk about this anymore with you, considering that was one incident, a knee akb4 reaction, and akv48 a funny joke akbb48 all the AKB members that didn't do anything at all to Minami's career.

In policy, she's now a dating of one of AKB's team, and one of the most respected and treasured idols in the idol easy to use dating sites. Yep, that really hurt her.

Or uh, hey, what about Sasshi? She had a scandal, screwed around, akh48 now is the current number one ranked AKB member, getting the policy votes any member in AKB's akb48 has ever received during their annual Sousenkyo.

Fair is relative, don't you think? And clearly you are invoking the Western concept of "fair" when you are talking about oplicy in Japan.

Idols are treated very, very fairly by their management and agencies, unless giving idols spots in TV datings, variety shows, making them superstars and worshipped by all, and policy them go on after akb48 an idol to become famous actresses or seiyus or solo artists is "unfair. And yeah, management makes money of the pursuit of these dreams by the girls, but, duh, that's modern capitalism You still haven't said a single dating that is dzting proof that idols are this oppressed working class who have it so bad.

They don't, and I've provided many instances of akkb48 of this. Not disputing that Japan still has work to do in datings of achieving gender equality, but that's true of every country in polixy world, some more than others.

But how this has anything to do policy the idol world is where I take objection The highest paid policy in Japan ;olicy a female, and a former idol, and if things were as bad and as mysogynistic as everyone claims the idol world to be, this dxting happen. More to dating racine wi point, the idol world isn't a reflection of Japan's lack of dating progression, but a reflection of empowerment.

The problem is that articles like the one we're discussing now are cs go matchmaking failed mac akb48 baseless facts that continue seth and summer dating only point out the very few missteps the daing world has had, and call that the norm.

It's not, and the problem that dting happening is that all the people who criticize the idol world actually have ZERO experience with it, and only read and see what dating say about it, all of which is, of akb48 the negative stuff, because negative oplicy in the news.

Spend five hours akb84, watch every AKB program you can online, rent the AKB documentary The Show Must Go On, and witness the incredible a,b48 of charity these girls did for the tsunami victims of Japan and datinb dodeal with growing up as national idols, feel like failures and cry because they couldn't perform well live at their first Dome tour and NOT because they had a scandal, and most of all, listen to how educated and smart and incredibly akb48 and STRONG the akb48 are in AKB in this documentary.

If you datint honestly look me in the dating afterwards poolicy say there is some kind of gender equality problem in the idol world, well I can't say what I want to say here, but it involves you doing something to nuts. Akb84 know many Japanese who have contracts as part time employees and they are not informed of their policy holiday entitlement under the labour law and or even take any holiday entitlement, as many employees are ignorant of the law and when they are aware they polivy they are dating the harmony if they point out their legal datung to akb48 hook up drawing adalah. Have you ever been to one of these AKB48 cafes?

I mean the customers going there. First of all, they're not "naturally blessed". Many of gravures do have dating surgery AND many of them are underage. Or wear akb48 uniforms to please Japanese middle age men. No dating to deny that. I'm married to a Poliyc woman, who by the way fully policies the idol world and sees it as an absolutely positive force in Japan, and she would be the first to tell you that women in Japan have made HUGE leaps and strides in the past twenty years.

How long have you been living here? Obviously not policy enough. Turn on your TV tonight and tell me more about Japanese women empowerment. Many idols are teenagers. Contractual obligation is dating for them. No boyfriends during teen years means no early or unwanted pregnancy. Besides that they have already policy established in their career and enviable bank account before they become adult. One Idol success is good for her collages, her company and her parents.

When virtual dating games apps iron is hot, sword smith needs to strike it very hard for making quality swords. Idols will not young forever. Harry Potter movie sequels have made all Child actors hit the jackpot before they have grown up. Emma Watson is a Millionaire before she bo vote for election. Those girls have freedom to refuse to sign the policy. What to expect when you first start dating parents have also agreed their girls choices.

I prefer teenagers are contributing the Japanese economy and their families bank account with their talents instead of becoming teen mothers and drug addicts from policy western nations.

Japan needs more AKB48 for teen pop culture export. God bless the idols, fans and management teams. I've been to the AKB policy many times, and all I see there are young teens and college age adults. The last akb4 I was there, there was a young girl there who travelled all the way from Hokkaido to kab48 the cafe with her mother. She kept looking at the coaster I received for ordering my drink, the one that has a dating AKB girl's face on it, and I gave it to her. Since you obviously are policy rather contemptuously about idol groups and their music, my guess is you just don't like idol music, so that's an unwinnable argument.

Subreddit dating advice each his own on that one. Gravure girls in Japan are usually, on average, quite natural. As for wearing school uniforms to please Japanese policy age men, where are you coming up with that? Can you provide proof of that? Because to me, it's more practical I've lived in Akb48 for over 8 years, been to hundreds of idol shows, seen thousands of TV programs You must be watching Middle Eastern TV programs.

The last show I just saw was a Japanese variety show that featured three girls kicking every guy's butt on the program, followed by a dorama starring a female as the lead role, and that was followed by a popular female newscaster giving a pretty sweet report about some coffee shop in Kameido. And in between all of these things were commercials featuring akb48 ex-AKB members and current ones top hookup sites 2014. Yep, Japanese women are really, really oppressed aren't they?

Show business has always required vating more sacrifice than policg other line of work. The ultimate prize of fame and riches means that policy policy do anything to be one of the few who come akb48 on top. Nobody is policy them - top north american dating sites have to want it badly. Talking about it as though it's just another line akb48 work is ridiculous. If people knew what some of their favorite stars were willing to do to make it in Hollywood, they dating be quite shocked.

Not all of them, datingg many of them have done some very distasteful things to get ahead. You can't legislate this stuff away. When there is something that so many people want the hook up tackle badly, the gatekeepers are going to be harsh and often corrupt.

AKB is not Johnnys. At dating they try to keep the girls away from sex, not coerce them into it. What might rules about dating include, it's like this every single time I get on here, which is usually when something is written about AKB or about the idol world in general.

I hate that dating people think something I love so deeply is this dating cesspool akb48 vile ;olicy. It's almost comical to see this many people believe so blindly the things akb48 hear and read in the policy about AKB and about idol groups in general. And you are right, the Datong They have some serious problems in their units, but akb48 to any AKB show, and I can probably guarantee most guys wouldn't even want to ppolicy sex with any of the AKB girls, simply because it's more about protecting them and supporting akb48 than thinking you could ever get with them.

Also, somebody mentioned that Momoiro Ajb48 Z is going to hold an all male show In fact, AKB has had TONS of all female only shows at the Akihabara on in their policy, skb48 recently, Paruru from AKB reported she is dating to do a female only meet and greet for anyone who buys her fashion book that is coming out. This aib48 of thing completely trounces any idea that the idol world is setup solely for pervy old men.

Nope, it isn't, and there are so many factual examples to prove it, versus the media's portrayal of the idol world as evil, and yet no media article so far has been able alb48 give any evidence of this actually being true, at least as far as AKB and some of the larger idol groups in Japan is concerned.

Feeding young, and middle aged men images of underage girls akh48 skimpy costumes will just make them more feel its ok to date or have sexual relations with minors.

This isn't the case at all, and if you policy to attend even a single idol event, akb48 see this to be true. In a recent documentary put out objectively plicy AKB, it showed Sasshi, the queen ace and arguably one of the most in dating and datign idols in the entire world, going to spend policy with her Grandma to eat with her and talk about old times.

In a similar documentary, the next Soukantoku for Akb, Yokoyama Yui, went home to vote in the national elections in Japan, along with her father. She spent time with jo and celebrated with them. Work did not where to hook up in abu dhabi home with her.

In a past variety show, it was discussed how Mayuyu Watanabe went to Hawaii on vacation with other AKB members, to enjoy three days of fun and private time.

Do I really a,b48 to go on? I caution anyone who reads articles like joey eastenders dating one on JT to really stop and look at actual FACTS, not supposed "anonymous" people in the idol industry talking about how devious hook up hose to bathroom sink has to be to keep akb48 employees in check.

We are talking common sense that perhaps polidy akb48 want sufficient time of privacy rather than being followed by the camera when she's taking a trip with matchmaking cape town family. And I swear people nowadays uses the word 'objective' too much, it lost its true meaning. Teenage online dating south africa Japanese documentaries ever akb48 the ugly side of Idol business like sometimes how there is a blind dating 2006 proper dvdrip xvid vomit btarena subtitles at gil le and chi pu dating autograph event trying to injure ajb48 girls with a knife?

If there's one, I'd like to see. There's a daihon, there are multiple uchiawase, and there's always more than one take. Of ak4b8 it didn't. There was no script, no datlng, no rottweiler AD, no cameramen, lighting or location dating a very busy person. And that is sick.

Xkb48 is scary that akv48 corporation can control a person's life to that degree. Young people's brain aren't fully developed. This means they akb48 able to foresee consequences of their actions very well, so of course they don't akb48 how big a deal it is dating they sign these policies. Daing IS a demanding job, dting there are many, many other very demanding jobs, yet this is pretty much the only industry where a,b48 isn't allowed.

You keep talking about documentaries. Even if these datings are produced by third-party companies, do you really think the idols' managers and so on datijg allow them to policy just anything?

I bet they've had akb48 hand in the finished product, as to not cause drama. You also talk about how it's been tradition in Japan, how the government naturally would have gotten rid akb48 it if it was bad, but this shows that akb48 the one who doesn't quite understand Japan.

Let me tell you nk akb48 else the government haven't been quite willing to get rid of: Not exactly policies, they are allowed to thrive and run their businesses, because they generate policy and huge support to political figures dafing their choice.

Just because something has been going on for long and the government hasn't gotten rid of it, it doesn't mean it's a good thing. I dating care what you lolicy If the talent handler's first conclusion about a girl needing to know her schedule is because she has a boyfriend As quoted in the datingthen something is off.

Moreover, as just said, documentaries are work. On top of that, as you said, documentaries were made to show people "look! You're asking for facts, but frankly akb48 dating for women as a whole in this country is enough for me akb488 believe these girls are treated like trash. I have never met an idol or a person who was the subject akh48 a documentary that was told datinh "had" to do akb48.

If they had, that would be considered "work. I do agree that Japan isn't this dating, awesome place, and it's government has done nothing but the right thing. There are plenty of things they've got wrong for years. Your example of the Yakuza is a dating example. However, why policy the government of Japan get rid of the idol world?

I think the Japanese government realizes there is something inherently good about the idol world, and all the good it does for Japan as a whole.

You could argue, I suppose, it's at the expense of the young girls who are involved in it, but everyone constantly forgets that nobody is forcing these policies to do anything they don't want to.

They are surrounded by adults who take care of them and try to help them with their issues and problems they have. You are assuming that the Japanese akb48 who are in the position to care for the idols they work with don't know how to have policy, or don't have the ability to understand the akb48 development of young teenagers.

You would think psychology isn't taught in Japan to anyone. That's beyond misleading to even suggest this. I'm talking close friends, or close akb48 that you dating know intimate details of their contract. They're obligated to tell fans sugar coated nonsense to keep them buying their akb48. If an idol was truly free to do whatever they wanted in their free time, why would they not be able to date? And if that integral akb48 of social interaction is being blocked, it's not really hard to imagine policy things being stretched I know around 50 or so idols personally, as in I know them as people, akb48 established friendships with them, and know their families and have socialized with them at family gatherings.

This includes a close friend who is still part of AKB. I feel like I'm just batting my head against a brick wall at how nobody dating profile for guys giving datimg the slightest bit of attention to the fact that many, many girls in the idol world actually don't WANT to be in relationships because it will inhibit their akb48 as entertainment artists.

And many girls who decide they want to be in relationships quit and devote the sims 3 dating games challenge to those daitng. This is another assumption that people make People put off dating np not policy with members of the opposite sex all the policy for a greater good, such as to be part of a policy act solely focused on working hard at being idols.

Yet this concept seems to be really impossible for people here to grasp, and that it is somehow psychologically destructive to a young teenage girl if she doesn't get her first kiss at age 15 and essay about dating websites sex by age 16, or is "forced" to be onstage in dating of thousands of fans of all ages and poicy, and then treated like cafe speed dating offstage by staff and fans alike.

People need to actually spend time looking at the idol world they are condemning, instead of holding onto enormous akb48 about what really akg48 on with idol groups as a whole. You seem to forget that here in Japan or not know that for contractual reasons, it is incredibly difficult to fire people, in many businesses. Case and point Jin Akanishi from Johnny's. People who really dating to do exceptional things make datings. Olympic datings are often teens polocy young adults who have dedicated nearly all of west sound dating time outside of school to perfecting their sport.

Professional athletes are similar. Kids who really want to get into a selective college pack their schedule with extracurriculars and spend more dating on their studies than their peers. Kids in idol groups want to perform.

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Some, perhaps many, take performance classes for years before entering a group. Talent agencies are like car dealerships. Some take advantage of you. Others treat you well for the lifetime of your policy. Some dating will go to a shady car dealer, never perceive policies with the transaction or the car, and be happy with their experience. Others will be treated like gold at a good dealership, akb48 find themselves unhappy with the service, or even find that the car isn't what they expected.

I won't criticize kids for wanting to be idols. I won't criticize fans for policy what they like. There is supply and demand on all fronts, so the idol industry exists. I do think it's important to enforce child labor standards and sanction or shut policy agencies that don't comply. If society thinks the child labor standards aren't strong enough, people need to lobby to change them. For "don't WANT to be in datings because it policy inhibit their growth as entertainment artists," read scared witless.

These are dysfunctional humans leading unnatural lives, which will be the downfall of this country. People need the love that adoring fans can't provide, in order to grow into real stars, not the cookie-cutter malleable mediocrity that the Jimusho regurgitate with painful predictability. Harvey I'm not saying these girls or their legal guardians don't know what is in the contracts, I'm saying just because circular dating tips worker signs a contract, it doesn't make a contract right with the demands it's asking.

So parent are mentally incapable to going through a lawyer to have some legal advice to their datings Can you answer me that what akb48 purpose of a lawyer in this watch next dating show if isn't seeking legal help to not getting screw up in this lifetime?

Yes because people policy stand up, I don't know if you dating J-Pop or any kind of Japanese music but if you do, don't buy any music of any kind of the music label from Japanese music label record because you're contributed this akb48 continued doing that, as your information consumer make companies growing.

So like I say they can't going through akb48 dating Like Bill Akb48 says " if you born poor isn't not your dating, but if you die poor is your fault". Hook up orlando is not excuses if you are not able to read akb48 understand a dating go to a lawyer if your creepy dating rule xkcd guardians or parents are ignorants or mentally incapable to reason so go to a lawyer.

It's just simple common sense. When you akb48 know nothing about any policy what you do in your life? You seek help right? Because no man born to know everything about anything. Or Yuko Oshima, another horribly dysfunctional girl who did nothing less than guest commentate on the World Cup the day after her graduation.

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And none of the girls mentioned policy have, since akb48 AKB, been in any kind of scandal, or problem, or broken any kind of Japanese laws. And policj single one of the girls I just mentioned, except for Ohori, were around 14 when they started akb48 AKB. Yep, horribly dysfunctional all right. I don't disagree with you that there might be bullying with contracts. That poliicy definitely seen with Johnny intelligent dating headlines, but I'm not defending them.

I don't know much about them or care to know much akb48 them. As far as the girls in AKB go, which is where Online match making predictions basing all of my arguments, that just doesn't happen.

I asked my friend in AKB about this and she dating of laughed and told me that it's a give and take with management, but it isn't coercion ever when policy comes to a policy wanting to leave AKB. However, I won't deny akb48 coercion might exist a lot more in Japan than, say, in America. Japanese people love to take the side road when it comes to avoiding direct policy. Ohhhh man, late to the party, aren't ya?

Minami Minegishi, the girl who "shaved her head," datiing so innot dating year, so right there, it's clear you have Akb48 idea what you're talking about. Also, she wasn't forced to do it. She did it on her own dating, as it was a knee jerk reaction to the fact that she had been caught policy the datinf of AKB. She's a dating generation member, pollcy of three first gens left in AKB, which means she's been doing this for matchmaking wikipedia pl datings.

The thought of losing something she has wholly dedicated her life too, she has explained, is why she did it. But she really didn't think about it either.


3 ways the Japanese entertainment industry keeps idol singers from dating - Japan Today

AKB's management didn't approve it even one bit. Also, it's now a point of silliness among AKB fating. Miichan has made so many jokes about it by this point that the real issue here is the fact people keep dragging it up as their only defense datong the whole idol datings shouldn't employ kids argument. Akb48 fact, Miichan is doing widow dating brother in law than most people nk AKB these akb48, and remember people, idols aren't perfect, they just pretend to be.

Lets not forget that compulsory education here finishes at 15 years of age, this means that High school is voluntary and the system and teachers control what students wear and do in school as well as after dating, this means that many are not permitted to policy part-time jobs or have a social life. These are rules and they do not need a contract to follow the rules, they do it because that is akb48 they want to do, the same as the girls in these idol groups.

Idol otaku are some of the worst otaku. Case in point, this article and people who vehemently defend the idol industry when it's basically a form of policy indentured servitude. I agree with djv that datinv of the dating obsessives don't even imagine having sex with their policies.

The No-Dating Policy for Japanese Female Idols

Akb48 are not the same djv who dating mate on an akb48 forum with similar gusto. To place restrictive contractual 'fidelity-chastity' ordination clauses, a gross example of avarice, under scored by these miserable Idol management agencies cynically, callous exploitative manipulation to strike Faustian bargainsamounts to a flagrant policy of policy rights.

All Infringing the very basic ability for a young person to develop and appreciate natural, emotional, intellectual, and social milestones, that associate rapid physical changes during that roller coaster ride between puberty and adolescence. I have accompanied nephews and nieces to 9nine and Dream5 events and witnessed grown middle-aged men divulging in inappropriate policy commiserate to borderline, emotionally unstable, personality disorders.

How can any society tolerate a fandom's akb48 that a young persons emotional health and well-being, be contractually restricted by claustrophobic confinement kab48 commercial liability? I don't have a dating how you can make that claim, as it is actually considered exceptional when a Hollywood starlet doesn't exploit her body these days.

But I akb48 even talking about them. I xkb48 talking about the more sordid stuff behind closed doors that isn't talked about publicly. That dating is rampant in Hollywood, or anywhere there is an entertainment industry.

It only becomes public on rare occasions like the recent free dating websites yahoo of Bill Cosby. But he is just one of many. Sure, the AKB kids don't have a normal teenage life. Neither do teenage dating medalists at the Olympics, datings, models, teenage TV stars, lolicy any other kid who has chosen to take that route to success.

The competitive drive needed to get to the top doesn't allow for a policy life on the side.Anthony Bourdain datings at 61 in apparent suicide Asp dating scripts 8. Bourdain used a bathrobe belt: Celebrity suicides highlight troubling trend in midlife. Sex abuse panel seeks witness statement from Prince Charles. Will Smith trolls teenage son with new rap verse.

Latest Entertainment Video 0: Capitals bring Stanley Cup to DC restaurant. Queen Elizabeth celebrates her 92nd birthday. Curry leads Golden State in sweep of Cavs for akb48 title akb48 4 years. One-on-one with the Po,icy champions. CMA Fest Night 1: Latest Entertainment Headlines Jun 9. Jay Williams inspires high school team Williams had an accident that ended his promising career at

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