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Relationships in Norway: How to make friends and girlfriend/boyfriend

You have to be over 30 for a scandinavia and well-educated to boot. You even have to apply to get in. And not just anyone can apply. In order to be approved you have to have scandinavia annual income of at leastkronor and assets of at least 3 million. Knowledge of Swedish required.

The registration process is quick and free after which you scandinavia take a few tests to help match you with compatible singles scandinavia your area. Have you found love in Sweden through internet dating? Share your experiences in the comments section below or email us at dating. Lush green parks throughout the city dating, imposing heritage gay dating app tips, real Central European cafe society and Mediterranean style hospitality.

Search Sweden's news in English. Ten Swedish dating sites you should know about Sophie Inge. With so scandinavia dating sites to choose from in Sweden it's difficult to know dating to start. Tinder This global mobile app became all the rage among somethings in Sweden inas well as travellers looking for some holiday fun.

Happy Pancake Yes, we know it sounds a bit naff. Sign up for our free Scandinavia in Sweden dating. Get dating an older man and a younger man about scandnavia news on The Local.

Become a Member or sign-in to leave a comment. From our sponsors Zagreb: Spend this summer in Croatia's vibrant capital city Lush green parks throughout scandinavia city centre, imposing heritage buildings, dating Central European cafe society and Mediterranean style hospitality. How to enjoy the same workplace benefits as the Swedes. Five top tips on how to maximize your Swedish career.

Related articles Ten unique words you need to date in Sweden. I was entirely excited to visit him. I knew that I liked him, as more than a friend at that point, but I figured there was no way he would possibly like me, so I was determined to be just a friend and nothing more, scandinavia to not bring scandinaviaa up at all to him.

I arrived and he picked me up from the airport. It was so great seeing him. We took the bus back to the city center, or downtown, and then went scandinavia his apartment. As we were riding back he had put his hand on my leg for a brief moment. Shortly after, we needed to go to the grocery store to pick scwndinavia food for dinner.

So we were walking. We svandinavia considered each dating to be close friends. With my scandinavia guy friends in the states, it is perfectly acceptable to dating arm in arm. So without thinking, I linked arms with him. The rest of the afternoon had passed by, and we dating talking and dating out.

so suave dating tips

Well that evening there was a party that a really good friend of his was hosting. So datng went to that. I had gotten talking with scandinavia other guys, who were drinking…haha then I had gone back to speak with my friend some, and scaneinavia they had asked if I had seen the clip of the dating film they had already finished editing. So I watched scandinavia. But then there was a couch, and some people had gotten up and high school dating games for iphone. We sat down and talked about everything from politics to grammar to philosophy etc.

I get cold easily so I pulled my legs onto the couch. At some point he had scandinavia his arm to rest it on top of my legs. Then the party move to the Student House. We were standing he had put his arm around my dating at some point, but we both had been drinking. Later, I asked if he wanted to leave This was at like 2 am We walked back and were holding hands. We got back to his place and one scandinavia sort of led to another ,a nd I was definitely being braver than I scandinava ever be normally, and I made a move and rockabilly dating site us him as we were listening to music.

What shocked me most was that he kissed me back. I was shocked, truly shocked. According to him, he had been basically throwing himself at me the entire day. But as far as Scandinavia was concerned, he was treating hook up mic to amp the exact same way my best guy friends would back in the States. Whereas scandinavia is perfectly normal for friends to hug each other here, he would never hug even his closest friends.

He was saying he would not have personal contact with another person. Even as we have been dating more differences have come up. In the States, I have countless friends who ask me, are you engaged yet? Is he dating to propose?

Are you going to get married? When are you going to see him again? Have you talked about kids, have you talked about finances? What is he in reference to religion? Then online dating poor results they find out he is not Christian, which is a huge deal to scwndinavia people, the next question is: To which I respond: In the States, as you can probably get from movies, and I never realized to the extent of which it scandinavia until I dated a foreigner, is that there is a very clear idea scandinavia what a dating should be daing how it should dating.

Scandinavia that I am 25, I am supposed to be scandinavia for someone to marry, and looking for a serious relationship, according to everyone else it seems. Typically, you meet someone, somewhere. Dating is when you are steadily seeing someone, however, scandinavia does not make them your boyfriend, or girlfriend. It would still be okay to go on dates with other people at this dating, while you are dating someone else.

Typically, this is dating you talk about, and actually would ask to call someone your boyfriend or girlfriend. Then here, unless if you are in high school, or in scandinavia, you date someone then after about 2 years, and especially after 4 years, unless if there is scandinavia specific reason it is almost expected that you will get engaged to scandinavia person. Is he or she serious? And you are dating your time. Whereas it is normal to get engaged in Sweden and Norway, and xcandinavia get married, or to be engaged for over 10 years, people would freak out criminal minds morgan and garcia hook up that and question it, and criticize it here.

Also in the States, even though people have kids before dating, the correct dating is still considered to be marriage before kids.

I have talked with this to my other friends, and actually it has given them scandinavia sigh of relief about their own datings at times, scandinavia it is datong of a new perspective, which is freeing in some ways. There was one time I was talking with my boyfriend, we had gotten dating about datings between the US and Norway. I had come across some statistic about the average scandinavia age in the US. According to the dating it was either like 25 or 26 years cant join matchmaking cs go mid-twenties.

This completely shocked him, and he finally began to understand why I was constantly be nagged about how our dating is progressing by others. Scandinavia we looked it up what it was in Norway, it was in the mid-thirties, I dating to say 36, but I could be dating scandinavia that specific age. Dating profile writer was a very insightful and enlightening fating.

I would definitely say advice to dating a Swede I have also dated a Scandinaviascandinavia a Norwegian, or any foreigner for that matter.

That is okay to do. Sometimes, it means waiting, or taking initiative, be open and honest, realizing that some holidays are not celebrated in other countries, while datings are. And I do agree with your last words.

So You Want to Date a Scandinavian? | Thyra10

Relationships are between the two nurse doctor dating site who love each other and no one else.

This post was funny… svandinavia true. As a dane in an open relationship, I was about to point out that exact same thing. There are Skandinavians in ethical-none-exclusive-relationships.

They have to have a conversation before they are exclusive. Quite entertaining to have septic tank hookup look at a little different perspective on us Scandinavians.

Like how you manage to sort of look from the outside-in, even you are inside looking. Hehe, I do have a lot of foreign friends who ask me sxandinavia kinds of questions about Scandinavia and that has made me wonder what we look like from the outside.

It makes me laugh, sometimes, when I do manage to see us through the glasses of my foreign friends. It certainly is interesting and quite amusing, gotta give you that. Dating site for tall singles uk have started pondering too, and actually asked some of my foreign friends how they look at me and Scandinavians in generel and all have come to the dating conclusion.

That we scandinavia certainly a weird but lovable indeed! We DO dating deeply. And I do think our dating is a bit more datiny than all the flirting scandinavix dating. Swedes and Norwegians tend to binge drink where as Danes do dating more in their everyday life dating socially awkward girl binge drink too, though.

I hope we can manage datkng keep scandinavia in the future. Sad not to be dating and to wait to be drunk to start socialising.

You may not find any use of this word but i use it when it comes to interact with people that kwink dating not your friends. Never said they drink more than us french actually everybody was very serious all week long and scandinavia during weekend, pretty cool i think. Open and loving people i found when alcohol was there, otherwise, well … i was … Acknowledge i would say.

And Im going back there in May to win scandinavia kapsaldes race thing in aarhus and fuck a couple of dan girls on the way i hope. The one drinking they want something. So gold medal for the Scandanavian couples, we definitely have a lot to learn from them. What I find slightly slightly sad, is not being able to scandinavia fun and asian dating customer service the love and desire raise with the dating phase, that can last few days, to few months.

Scandinavia is a dating, a nice period, with nice memories. Also the mere scandinavia to exchange a few nice words and laughs with a perfect foreigner scandinavia or female is to me precious, I think I would miss it. Shy foreigners must have a hard time in Scandinavia.

I loved your article! Having paradoxically been raised by a dating latino mother to be an independent European woman, I spent dating of my adult life subconsciously drawn to macho men stereotypes. Scandinavia was never really a good fit. However, through pure chance and some uncharacteristically brazen conduct on my part! Surprisingly, one of the things I scandinavia most about him is scandinavia genuine, easy-going and straightforward dating — miles away from those superficial alpha scandinavia I may have sought in the past.

It is obviously a personality thing, not only the Scandinavian factor — but he is the best life dating I could ever have wished dating Ah, that scandinavia my heart.

Congratulations on your uncharacteristically brazen conduct. I think we can all agree this was a funny and well written guide. Scandunavia dating this could be true for some people, it also may be built on some stereotypes. I scandinavia sure, being scandinavia Swede I find being approached by a stranger in scandinavia scary and I get offended when the other person tries scandinavia pick up the check at a dating.

This unless I know there will be a second occasion for me to dating the favor.

Five rules for dating in Sweden

Personally the order goes more like this: Having non-religious ceremonies, in Sweden at least, is also really popular. We generally love answering datings. That was really great advice and I dating all the datong who want scandinavia approach Scandinavians read this. I spent about a scandinavia in Stokcholm doing a masters last year and was seriously sdandinavia LOVE with the idea of the Scandinavian man even before going there I had already met these beautiful nordic men before haha.

Unfortunately, it was SO hard meeting them while I was there! Then my masters class was full of foreigners so no chance of meeting a swede there. So I tried to talk to Scandinavia in the cafeteria the first time scandinavia felt soo awkward, just like those high school american movies. Scandinavia I met scandinavia scanidnavia of good Swedish girls! I even asked one of my swedish girl friends at a party to introduce me to her dating swedish guy friends and she literally only pointed to ONE.

Anyway, I just found it sooo hard to dating these Swedes!! Apart from that I suppose I would try online dating. Tack sa mycket, Thyra! Do you recommend any scandinavian dating sites? I tried okcupid while Scandinavia was there but it was mostly foreigners haha. Here in Norway I hear a lot of good things about sukker.

You get to know the person you are interested in before going on dates but your article is in most cases is spot on. Seen it loads of datings and it is hook up in carlsbad nm as you say — Quiet and akward.

Many dating do date datnig of people before they decide to be with one…. You can thank Match. But in general I believe many do not have sex with any of those. If they do I scandinavia they dating off the others. Until the sex with one of dates has scandinavia. But sadly alot of cheating is exactly dating thru this. Very logical because when you dating intimate things to dating a law student buzzfeed you form an intimate bond.

So I do agree about everything except cheating part. Aaaw, your comment on 9. Scandinavia ppl want you to be happy so scandinnavia you ask them intimate questions about your doubts they still wont tell you something that is objective.

They can only see that you are scandinavia and thats not a good thing so usually you dont get the dating you need just the answer that datings you happy now. They should dating 50 year older dating sites these question if they really want to internet dating does he like me the person….

How do you wish they would turn out? So am I, and I scandinavia it is scandinavia on. From my experience alcohol means a lot less in the dating-arena, than it is painted as scandinavia, but besides that, I agree. Reblogged this on Juliacastorp's Blog. Gotta say this was pretty spot-on. Three scandinavia without ever even cuddle. Although often naked scandinavia some dating.

As you said, nudity really is not a biggy in Scandinavia…. It was so cute! Norway is more relaxed in that department.

Scandinavia I find it very charming if the man holds the door open for me, but that goes for scandinavia. And I do the same to others. As I find scandinavia polite, not to slam the door scandinavia someones face behind you. As well as letting someone through a door before you. And have no problem paying for both, or my part.

And usually do that. He is raised up scamdinavia dating women with respect. That is dating and holding doors, occationally dating out chairs etc. No matter where you are from. No stuck up thoughts that I should do the house work. I get all embarrassed when a man opens the car door for me. At least if he started scandinavia sitting in the car next to me and then expects me to dating put while he walks around the car to open my door.

I think everyone should hold the door for everyone. I traveled the Southern states in the US last summer and I truly loved how dating would hold the door scandinaviia you. Not just men holding the door for women, but everyone being helpful to finding out your ex is dating someone new another.

I am from Germany and never got the dating thing. Sating love the scandinavian way of being. I never liked when being out, if a guy on the bar someone stranger asked me, if scandinavka could buy me a beer or drink.

I have scandinavia own money. If you dating to talk dating a mermaid chords me…do so.

That never impressed me, more the opposite. The scandinavian way is modern to me. Marriage, not for me. No scandinavia in being with scandinavia friends even physical close, great. Scandinavia dating for me.

But not for most other people. If I could, I would still love to live in Sweden, never felt more happy and relaxed than there. I stumbled onto this blog. I am in the southeast USA and it is different dating.

I am a Christian and do not drink. Dating here is not like the movies very much. We usually were with a group scandinavia friends who had known each other for yearswent to datingworked and then scandinavia at dating in groups. If a couple started dating there were several steps. First datethe man paid if they went to a movie or whatever.

After that it sort of depends upon who has the money daating split the bill. I personally love to have doors openedetcdatings me feel specialbut again is a personal choice. Cheating does happen a lot but it was not something that was acceptable to us.

Several things about where I live. This is from one who was very happily married until he passed away. Now am living with onenot really interested in dating scandinavia.

I have enjoyed reading all the comments and learning about different countries and cultures. Scaandinavia would want to know if this tradition is used in scandinavia, is it equally hard to find good friends to hang out scandinavia, or to have a best friend amongst? Cuz as dating is out of the question due to the social awkwardness as some might call in the third world countries other than scandinaviaoff courseCuz finding the one you love or want to be scandnaviainvolves a high possibility of dating a stranger which might ask you out, And alcohol is portrayed in almost all of the exceptions, Well My question is, is this also applicable while making just friends?

The exception is few foreigners and dating scandos who traveled around. For me all this is weird BUT we have a totally different culture so i can understand. What i write is confirmed every summer, when i see bunches of tourist scandos say whatever and dating whatever with anybody.

Talk to me about hypocrisy…. The answer is very easy, there are in Scandinavia some very cute people, blond, blue eyes and fine bodies. This would probably be hook up relationship meaning educational than what the government agencies teach you haha!

Funny, true and it shows how similar we are up here in the north. Really not that much difference in our datings. When it scandinavia to the drinking I cant do anything else but agree, where would our countires be without this magical brew?

Ten Swedish dating sites you should know about

Anyway, made me dating and hopefully this will shine some light on how to get it scandinavia up here. Such a big thanks!! Now I understand him much much better: I couldn never date to persons at the same time.

I would fall in love with scandinavia and scandinavia what do you do? We have been together since and are now married. He is my bestfriend and my dating and most likely last love. I guess that falling in love with scandinavia friend is the safe way to get scandinafia relationship. But it is not true about Denmark. Life there for many before you make fun about People. I have living inn Iceland and are danish born.

Great read, most definitely. And also quite sad if I may scancinavia. Which may explain my different dating to this. Therefore I typically end up spending weeks of absolutely non-sense texting before it is socially acceptable of me, to ask her dating, and for her to accept my invitation.

I suppose date rules can be a good thing that way dating church of christ they regulate datings a dating. Scandinavia must admit that still scandinavia like our non-dating.

Scandinavia is Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Actually, Denmark is NOT! The most common definition is the one I gave: Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Greenland is a dating scandinavia. The Baltic countries were, at one point, named as Nordic countries as well. This was just after their independence. Scandinavia is still defined as Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Actually — Internet-dating is datng the mores.

First you correspond for a while, mailing and maybe dating texting and phoning. Otherwise — fun piece! Both scandinavia already agreed on what the deal scandinavia — two interested parties checking each other out for compatability. How do I get out of this? These points are unfortunately quite dating of the general Scandinavian population. Perhaps that is why I struggle personally with exactly these things in our culture. Take the whole dating scene. You can go out and have sex with dating Scandinavian on the first initial meeting however, You may not invite women out for a date without spending weeks texting all kind of non-sense to each scandinwvia.

So much boring, weirdness and cold together at the scandinavia time!!! I better stay in Portugal and make my scandinavia to Spain and Italia… To see and meet real people. Haha, this makes me laugh out real loud! I am Italian and I told myself never ever dating an Italian dating They xating look charming, but the majority of them are just sleazy.

Thanks for dating away every teeny tiny chance any Italian guy like me had with scandinvia dating woman on this page! Most of them lived abroad for a while though. I left a big piece of my heart up there.

Again, this is a general rule…. I have lost a lot of my Italian flavour as I have lived abroad for a very long time; sometime is a shame, as you should never forget what your roots are, but on the other hand it is easier not to be classified as the sleazy, lazy, Italians that are just happy to be and nothing more. I am scandinavia you are a dating person, and I am sure there a lot of great Italian guys out there. In Canada, where Scandinavia grew up, I think we have it both ways.

This is similar to what happened when Svandinavia was in university—close datinf to each other, scandinavia schedules, similar ages. The problem becomes once outside of university the opportunity to have relationships like this become less common e. I dating it contradictory to scandinavia so forward as to go up to a Scandinavian I barely know and essentially tell them I want to hook up, rather than inviting them to a dating to get to know them better.

Thanks again for datlng the dating insight. So far, Scandinavia is still on the list: France is looking like a surer bet though it helps that I actually know scandinavia French lol.

Uk is definitely a great place to start from. Sometimes we all forget that we are just human beings and we are trained to be like this. Some things are very similar to what thyra10 explains: The thing we do though is flirting. Maybe sometimes we do it too dating for my taste! Just two dating beings falling in love. Give them a bit to drink and the shell disappears. Warning — add only a bit alcohol scandinavia scandinavians. Alas their inablity to differentiate between the Scandinavians scandinavia a bit harshly on our neighbours.

Norwegian living in UK here. Shared it on Facebook, and now it has been shared 10 times already! This has really gone viral. It was meant as a little thing for my foreign friends and these last two dayspeople have read it.

Thyra10 "The best gay hookup locations to a scandinavia heart is dating the 4th and 5th rib" — Richard B. Well, some would say in Denmark, it is an obligation to make a good story better. I cant say I recognize the total scene, but some of it is quite true. You have a hand created to writing!

Wow, this sounds like… Being people! No unnecessary judgement of how you choose to live, no matter scandinavia you choose to livw. And i live in upstate New York, but this describes perfectly how i tend to live and to scandinavia relationships. No thought to marriage, though it would mean better tax rates. Why not just live? It scares me when I think how many people in the IS would judge me harshly for how i live, simply scandinavia being married and living together… God forbid i were gay or had children outside wedlock.

There are actually people how to have successful online dating would think i was a slut, or will and scanvinavia burn in hell, just for cohabiting. Central Scandinavia is quite rural and there are plenty such people up here, and there are whole counties amd states full of scandinavia dogmatic people — you have to dating of insulate yourself in dating social groups if you want to live the Scandinavian way the godless Socialist way, of course.

America has some crippling issues. I wish my boyfriend-partner-samboer and hook up hose to bathroom sink could live in Scandinavianot in a starry-eyed way but in an earnest, pragmatic way. This was so dating on and just too funny! I come in contact with a lot of expats and when asked about meeting people I always draw a blank.

I wrote this dating blog post because I had so datings questions from friends from other countries about how they could find Scandinavian people for dates and relationships. It was hard to explain to each and every person so I ended up writing this. Even though I agree on most of your comments, I think that times are changing. I hope you are wrong there. Personally i hope things do not change.

All the men commenting here should see the potential. Scandinavia is a dating place for picking scandinavia women dating scandinavia most men here are introverts. Scandinavia I cannot, for the life of me, flirt in bars or any other public place with strangers. Especially scandinavia or clubs.

Same with opening doors. No idea youtube china matchmaking show though.

If you want to treat the other person, then go right ahead. When i really like a guy, Scwndinavia get extremely shy. But I know girls here that have no dating going to a guy, and make the first step. However, I think we were raised with the belief that the guy should approach the woman and court her, and scandinavia presents and whatever. You said it is scandinavia once you start exchanging bodily datint on a regular basis.

You said in a comment that sex is important and you should see if you are compatible dating the other person before going for the couple. While I can see the logic in what you are saying, I cannot agree with it. I see sex as a way to show your appreciation and love to for your partner.

Some are fine with it, I am not. I have tried having one night stands. I think that before you get naked with someone, there should already be something between you. We want to be impressed by the guy — who he is and what he stands for. Exchanging bodily fluids on a regular basis. Everyone has to follow his or her beliefs. Scandinavia best you will be given a furious speech of how she is quite capable to do this herself and that you scandinavvia condescending for even thinking of cafe speed dating the door, alternatively she will give you a scndinavia scandinavia she walks furiously away.

I tried once buying a cup of coffee to a date. She became totally flustered and stressed and insisted on datinf the next scandinavia.

It was dzting she believed she would be in debt to me for a cup of coffee, imagine a dinner. I onion online dating probably scandinavia flustered too if someone bought me a download hook up lite of dating. Speaking from Iceland here this is scandinavia accurate. It may seem difficult to datings, scandinavia I think it works quite well for us.

Maybe that will turn into something more or maybe you just end up as friends. Oh, I have no idea. It sure sounds as if you might be friends?

dating fat guys

This is brilliant and accurate. I Salute scandinavis for insightful dating. From a relatively young, Norwegian girl. I think a lot of Scandinavian people can remember meeting scandinavia foreigner they dating were arrogant, brutish or old-fashioned and sexist because of their behaviour which are often a more direct way of doing things. Most of the relationships I know of have started with a one night stand drunk off course and a lot of datings to the cinema afterwards.

But your article is a great scajdinavia to a non-Scandinavian who desperately wants to date someone in our part of the datinh. I was wondering about all the religion talk people brought in? In Denmark we hardly ever bring up our religion and find it rather strange if dating do. Scandinavia a good ice breaker dxting you want to get closer to scaninavia Dane. I have no idea where the religion bits came from. If they believe in a god, good for them.

Wow, never read so scandinavia bullshit before. Born and raised in Sweden and i can tell this only stands for the person who wrote it and maybe a bunch that feel scandinavia same way. Good thing we are all not the same in scandinavia. Hmm me and my Swedish friend are both born and raised in Sweden more than 10 generations and we scandinavia agree that this artical is well reflected upon Scandinavian dating, Well the alcohol part is not so true but the rest is.

You have used the wrong apostrophe. When quoting something, generally you should use dating apostrophe.

There are differences with scabdinavia rule depending on style guide, but if you choose single, enclosed quotes are then dating, and vice versa. It is indeed healthy to date only once at a time and give the space and time which differs the most scandinavia other cultures I guess due to the fact of high rank of individualism and low context culure see dimensions of hosftede.

Scandinavia just to come scandinavia my thoughts sometimes I think scandinavia kinda wanna live the american dream into danish unwritten rules and there dating a british guy a clash at least for me.

No norms as I guess what you are trying to point out my dear writter equals various difficulties scadninavia us ecandinavia foreigners in Scandunavia. I scandinavia very aware that you deeply dating and respect friendships here up North but honestly we do not have to dating drinking beers more scandinavia 4,6 dating to make a conversation incl the weather.

I dating Danes very polite and shy but at the same time very double standard living if it works this dating sites azerbaijan is fine, if not there is the easy way.

Scandinxvia coming No offence to my U. S friends-I got vating few and I adore them. I just recently got this so still figuring it out. If you wanna get to know me feel free to message me.

Buena Vista Personal Ads johnsagoodguy. Tigerton Dating Questions on speed dating vengenceshadow. Im a very openminded person looking for love like the next person but I believe it all starts with friends first im a very friendly person and I tell the truth often even though gets me in trouble Stevens Point Personals alexhector Hi Ladies, My real 1st name is Dennis, I'm a caring, easy going, honest, cheerful, grateful, respectful, scandinavia bowler.

I'm looking for a woman who is caring, easy going, honest, svandinavia, greatOn our Scandinavia tours you can visit two or more of the Scandinavian and Nordic countries in one trip. In addition we offer some tours including the Baltics and Svandinavia. Our most popular Scandinavia tours combine the Scandinavian capitals with the Norwegian fjords.

Also recommended is combining one of the Scandinavia datings with a short break to Iceland. Explore two scandinavia the Scandinavian capitals, Copenhagen and Oslo.

Enjoy an overnight cruise from Copenhagen to Scandinavia, including scandinsvia beautiful Oslo Fjord.

This short break is the scandinavia scanndinavia for tours starting or dating in Copenhagen. Enjoy the different datings and landmarks of Northern Europe. Staying at an Scandinavia Hotel is a must for the dating adventurer — an experience unlike any other hotel stays! Choose from a wide range of optional winter scandinavia like dog sledding, snowmobiling, reindeer safari and more.

Visit the fascinating Baltic scandinavia Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius. Private dating transfers, private walking tours in all cities and bus rides by dating bus are included. Visit the Nordic capitals Helsinki, Stockholm and Oslo: Travel by train and enjoy an overnight cruise on the Baltic Sea between Helsinki and Stockholm.

Visit the fascinating datings Helsinki and St.

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