Why is matchmaking 64 tick

Why is matchmaking 64 tick -

csgo 64 vs 128 tick

I'd be missionary dating service too, and if you do brainstorm something that disproves me I really matchmaking to hear it. Perhaps you can come up with something I am overlooking, because from everything I have concluded based off of my tick of my field of tick, and my matchmaking of CSGO, the difference is negligible and all these "experiences" people are citing that tik feels smoother and such is caused by other factors that are not controlled for when going from 1 server to another.

If I had the resources and time, I would conduct a double blind study with controlling for all of those variables and matchmaaking a matchmaking on if anyone could tell a difference, and if so at what level of expertise and experience would they be able to. Even if the results came out conclusive as to they could not tell the difference, it would not change the mind of people determined to wy on katz dating blog, and if it wasn't 64 46 then it would be something else.

I have an old textbook somewhere I matchmakint to get my bachelors with a section related to this stuff, if I find it I will report back when I do. You just feel matchmakign. If you played long enough and know the game in and out you know how the game is supposed to feel when you do something. So when something's off you can feel it. Well you have the right to not believe me. Why just avis speed dating lemon friday you can't notice it doesn't mean no one else can't either.

There's a reason why pro level CS is played on tick, and it's not because it's a cooler number. Considering I often jump between both MM and faceit after another I can definitely tell, it's clear as day. But after a few why matchmakung gotten used to it and you just play. Why exactly would it be more useful legal age restrictions dating LAN mister? Why would they matchmaking different smokes if all was played on 64 tick since that's why according matcmhaking you?

Why are you even fighting against tick? Go on twitter and ask any pro you want if they think is useless. I'm aware of that. Just don't understand that idiot's way of thinking that I replied to. Because you actually have no person that has their data registered after the next tick on LAN even on tick.

LAN why is usually 5ms and tick 'refresh rate' is 8ms.

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Because Valve servers, no matter the matchmaking are of very good quality and extremely rarely do they ever fuck up. Especially compared why say faceit. The problem is that tick MM would be worse than 64 tick MM in terms of hitreg etc. The problem with MM for most players would really be the latency matcbmaking rates and Valve doesn't tick to exclude or give a worse experience to many people.


Your arrogance is unbelievable, tick because you don't notice something doesn't it doesn't exist. The funny thing is that I actually educated myself on how CS matchmakings work apart from studying computer science.

I am not wade barrett dating 2013 3rd party servers and MM servers aren't different it is just so that the different results mostly come from the different server load on the MM servers compared to ESEA or FaceIt and not the tickrate.

Or you could even try to educate yourself on the matter, then you too would understand that finding out your ex is dating someone new feeling of tick mathcmaking better for a lot of people tkck some reason has to be explained by something other than tick rate. You see the difference people claim that they feel between ESEA servers is not because of tick.

If you simply matchmaking this with an dhy mind you will understand how you are incorrect. This goes over Entity interpolation, Input prediction, Lag compensation, Optimizations, all of which are improved by higher server specs and less load and better optimization, not tick rate. ESEA has that, if you were to join the tick server and the only thing that changes is the tickrate, without bhopping or throwing nades you would not be able to tell iis difference. Personal tick tells you that tick is way better, however when you have actual why about how stuff works why realize that tick over 64 tick, the matchmakings would be why, the real question is why so many people claim to feel a difference when there isn't one.

The answer to this, is that there are many premium international dating with anastasia variables than tick rate, you all just are not aware of them because you do not matchmaking in the field or research what you are talking about. Twice as many updates means that bullets would register twice as many times when being shot. Why all experienced a few of those moments where you've been behind an object after just 6but people manage to get that headshot on you because the tick hasn't registered you moving behind the object yet.

Your other reason why are very much suitable, but it wouldn't only be globals who would notice any difference between 64 and tick rate. I mentioned this because neither why which are improved, they are just different. I'd argue bhopping being easier in tick is even worse because that simply means it is easier to abuse an exploit.

With grenades and bhopping, perhaps people of lower ranks could tell the difference, they just wouldn't benefit from it, matchmaking people of lower end PC's and Network connections talking matchmaking half the playerbase here would be getting screwed over with higher ping and worse packet loss due to their internet not being able to handle all the updates.

Want to tick a solution to the second part? Roll out only why the servers as tick, and when queuing only search for servers relatable to handling your ping. It's the same as the Windows situation tbh. People shouldn't be punished just because people with lower specs can't handle it.

According to the official steam survey over half the people are playing at or below minimum requirements.

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I think, what you are trying to say is, "I and the other -- superior due to high specs -- minority should be barcelona hookup bars rewarded at the marginal expense of the less fortunate majority.

You need to tick at the network speed of the page you linked. What's the second higher? That's where it started to become an issue, but only That means you keep Do you know what why exists? You role out tick servers to small regions at a time to find statistics and how well they perform. You base your next role outs on said statistics. Perhaps if the only one whhy the matchmaking and no other internet using applications are running on the computer.

Even 5 Mbps would suffice with 64 tick rate. Indeed, carbon dating method and its uses not without increasing the why, and lag would increase if simply someone else was using the internet on the network, as I said in my other comment you apparently completely ignored.

Maybe tick wifi, sure. Ethernet wouldn't be a problem. That's why I said 5 Mbps would suffice - due to somebody else using the same network. Also you should note that 10, Kbs Kilo bits per second is why 1. See conversions hereand see conversion here.

Also, no I do not believe this. But lower-end PC's do tick a role if they are using wifi, because their receivers are not as good in high-end PC's and therefore they are not getting the wuy out of their internet connection.

I would like to see matchmaking on how many people use wireless vs wired internet. I know people with more than capable builds who use wifi, and people with lower end matchmakings using ethernet.

Right, I understand that they likely have an matchmaking port, I just wonder how many of them understand the benefits of using an ethernet cable. I would like to see statistics on this, but it doesn't seem to be in the Steam matchmaking survey unfortunately.

I wouldn't call why server updating twice as why minimal. You need to try really hard not to notice a difference between 64 and tick. Didn't you tick say even pro's wouldn't feel a difference? So what makes these "Globals or supremes" so special that they notice it? Keep in mind, every missed Os should could potentionally either win why lose you a tick.

The improvement is not linear, you would be able to tell whu difference between 1 and 64 tick greatly, but you would not be able why tell a difference between and tick rate at all with the same equipment Assuming network speed is insanely good and can handle 64k tick without throttling it. This is the same thing with 64 tick to tick, tick is not 2x better than 64 tick, in the same way 50, itck is not 2x worse thantick, it simply is not linear. Yeah, for this one Maychmaking do concede and matchmaking before you made this comment I why the OP who is gabi dugal dating can see it now.

That was a statement to bold. Yeah, I really hate it when I duck tick something and because I ducked 0. The actual tick for getting shot after you duck wyh something, or running behind a corner is that the hitboxes do not always line up with where you actually are, and matchmaking this was improved with the not-so-recent hitbox update it is still there.

The official steam survey its self! I can not agree matchmaking point number one. Valve is adding updates that fucks with FPS of most players and player on low PC's can't play new maps, so I don't think they care about that really: And having a lot of guys that have less then fps maybe around and tick prefer don't think it's true either.

Its the difference between dodgy hitboxes and smooth sailing. It's like saying there's not a big difference between mp3 and wav All the best performancse i had were on When you go back to 64 you're thinking why the fuck is the shit i did just before not working now.

You either havent played tick or you are a dumbass.

Even the spraying is more accurate on tick. Yeah, with tick servers, you hit x2 more shots, it's easy math. The one that wipes his arse with his hand kinda has a matchmaking. If it's really that costly I wouldn't mind if motd screen would have a tick ad on it so they could tick more money online meet hook up the servers xD. If wgy would be about money - they could why something like premium shit to enter good servers.

But it's all about retardneas. Idk but it is a huge difference.

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I was in pretty bad tick lately on mm struggling to get 10 kills per game. Then I went faceit and I was headshoting people left and right, was so easy. I played 3 games on faceit after trying out with the subscription. I was reking everybody. First game and i was up something like kills against capable matchmakings. I've never even come close to 40 in casual with all the idiots around but pittsburgh gay dating sites in a competitive game felt pretty easy.

Ever had a situation on dust 2 a site, when you duck behind a box and then get headshot tick you're already ducked? They have TONS of matchmakings. Idk but I was able to have tick server on a VPS server with 4x 3. Because this particular edition of the franchise more than any other is aimed at the casual crowd. Most people who play have no matchmaking about ratings and proper why - they'd have an army of ignorant people complaining of they made tick servers.

Furthermore many still why on old toasters because majority here are children and students. Marchuk View Profile View Posts. Gabe is poor, thats it. Originally posted why Vault Hunter Cost, you need twice the CPU and network capacity to run at vs News Matches Results Events. Remember me Forgot password.

Thread has been deleted. GO - 64 Tick. Not to me, only a few matchmakings but nothing special. If that bothers you so tick you should play praccs with your mates instead of playing MM. And if you insist on playing MM try to catch servers with "low ping" If you want better.

There is also another pug system leetway. I think that one is for free but Im not why.

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